St. John’s Parish Finance Meeting 19th September 2018.


 1. Minutes:

  • Minutes of previous meeting were proposed, seconded and adopted.
  • Minutes of previous meeting agreed for publication.


 2.  Matters Arising:

  • Data Protection Policy: New Data Protection procedures were discussed. The committee are awaiting correspondence and guidelines on the matter from the Diocese.
  • Credit Card Facility: Credit card facilities are now available in the Parish Centre and proving to be very convenient in making transactions.


 3. Correspondence: None.


 4. Repair Work: The meeting received a report on the recent damage and subsequent repair work to St John’s Church.


 5. Parish Accounts: Financial reports of parish accounts (income & expenditure) for the period 01/05/2018 to 31/08/2018 were presented, discussed and approved.


 6. Update on Building Sub-Committee: Reports were provided on ongoing parish building and maintenance matters. It was acknowledged the fantastic work that the community in Curraheen are doing in fund raising to enhance their community room in Curraheen Church. It was agreed that the parish would contribute to the fund if needs be.


Next Meeting: 14th November 2018 in St. John’s Parish Centre, Tralee at 7.30pm.