St. John’s Parish Finance Meeting

Wednesday 14th November 2018 in St. John’s Parish Centre at 7.30pm.


1. Meeting commenced with prayer and the minutes of the previous meeting were proposed, seconded and adopted.


2. Matters Arising:

    - Insurance issues were discussed.


3. Parish Accounts:

   - Parish accounts (Income and Expenses) for the period 01/09/18 to 31/10/18 as well as a general overview of accounts form 01/01/18 to 31/10/18 were presented to the committee.

   - It was noted that parish funds now benefit from collections held during the Polish Mass and the Latin Mass.

   - Noted that the parish charity number is the same one as for the Diocese.

   - St. John’s accounts are certified annually at the year end.


4. Parish Employee Matters:

   - Parish employee/employment policy matters were discussed and updated.


5. Building Sub Committee:

   - Report received and discussed from the building subcommittee with regard to property maintenance matters.


6. AOB:

   - Parish Bazaar: Noted that the annual Parish Bazaar will be held on the weekend of 30th November & 1st/2nd December 2018. The committee recorded its thanks to the Bazaar Co-ordinator and Bazaar Committee for all their work and efforts in organising this important annual parish fundraiser.

   - The Church of the Immaculate Conception is 150 years old and a special Vigil Mass will be celebrated to mark the occasion followed by refreshments in the Manor West Hotel on Saturday 8th December 2018.

   - Discussions have taken place to consider employing a Catechist in the Pastoral Area for sacramental preparation.


Next meeting: Wednesday 6th February 2019 in St. John’s Parish Centre at 7.30pm.