St. John’s Parish Finance Meeting 23rd May 2018.

1. Minutes: Minutes of the previous meeting were proposed, seconded and adopted.


2. Matters arising:

  • Details of the maintenance contract for the heating system in St John’s Church and the Parish Centre were discussed and outlined.
  • Digi units have recently been installed in both the I.C. & Curraheen Churches which operates with the stand-alone fire alarm system connecting to a monitoring station.


3. Minutes for publication: Agreed.


4. Update of accounts:

  • Parish accounts for the period January to April 2018 were outlined.


5. Priests Account (Teach Na Sagart):

  • Details of the account for the period January to April 2018 were outlined.


6. Update on Collections Comparisons from January 2007 to April 2018.

  • A detailed comparison of collections since 2007 to the present was discussed.
  • Over a period of ten years there has been a decrease of approximately one third in the weekly offertory collection. The committee expressed concern for the future financial state of the parish if this trend was to further decrease.


7. Donation Box:

  • It was agreed to have a donation box securely installed in St. John’s Church whereby visitors could make a donation.
  • An updated information leaflet on St. John’s for visitors is in process.
  • The possibility of developing an ‘App’ regarding visitor information on St. John’s was also mentioned.


8. Credit Card Machine:

  • Agreed that credit card machine facilities be made available in the Parish Centre.


Next meeting: Wed 19th September at 7.30pm in St. John’s Parish Centre.