St. John’s Parish Finance Meeting 17th April 2018.

1. Minutes: Minutes of the previous meeting were proposed, seconded and adopted.


2. Matters arising: A number of matters arose from the minutes of the previous meeting.

  • Pastoral programmes expenditure for the period October to December 2017 outlined.
  • Correspondence from the security firm responsible for monitor alarms:
    Noted that as part of the contract, the firm responsible provide maintenance and monitoring of all intruder and fire alarms in the parish centre, presbytery and all three churches. Another firm are contracted to maintain the fire extinguishers in all parish buildings.


3.  Minutes for publication: Agreed.


4.  Correspondence:

  • Following a request from one member of the committee it was agreed to hold the next meeting on a Wednesday.


5.  Update of accounts: A detailed update of parish accounts included:

  • Parish income & expenditure accounts for the period January to March 2018.
  • Collections were significantly down in January.
  • Shrines showing a slight decrease.


6.  Priests Account: Details of the account were outlined.


7.  Update on percentage of Envelopes returned 2017:

  • The meeting was provided with an analysis on Parish Income for 2017.


8.  Update on summary of CHY’s sent to Revenue for tax rebate:

  • There are a small number of new parishioners added to the list making contributions in this way.
  • The parish have made a claim to revenue for the 2017 tax rebate.


9.  Quotation: Re: installation of a digi unit stand-alone fire alarm system in both Curraheen and IC Churches.


Meeting ended 9.30pm


Next meeting: Wed 23rd May 7.30pm Parish Centre.