St. John’s Parish Finance Council Meeting of 12th September 2017

Meeting commenced with a prayer.

1.Matters arising: discussed as part of the agenda.

  2. Update of accounts: The Committee approved the accounts as presented for the period June to Aug. 2017.

  3. Parish parishioner data base: The Committee were advised that the updating process of the Parish data base system is ongoing. To date 155 new households have been added.

4. Tax Rebate Scheme: 251 parishioners out of 3700 households registered in the Parish contributed greater than €250.00 for 2016.

 5. Diocesan Collections: There was a discussion on the Diocesan Collections which are held as a joint offertory collection, averaging one per month. It was proposed to have a box at the door of the churches for the second collection. Fr Tadgh would discuss this suggestion with the collectors.

 6. Update on the heating: Fr Tadhg notified the committee that the engineer had inspected the Church heating system and advised that both aspects of the heating system, namely radiators and the fan system were running for the full 12 months. He will investigate what is best practice throughout the full year. It was also agreed that the system should be wired to the sacristy for convenience and clear guidance provided for those who may control the system

 7. Update on building Sub Committee: Our Engineer has carried out a drone survey of the spire in St Johns inside and out. He still has to draw up proposals.

 8. Blessing of the Reconciliation Window: The Blessing will take place on Friday 27th Oct at 7.30pm with a prayer service.

9. Fr. Tadgh floated the concept of having a Pastoral worker who would work with parents and families of young people receiving sacraments of Communion and Confirmation.