St John’s Parish Finance Council Meeting of 20th June 2017

Meeting commenced with a prayer.

  1. Matters arising considered....items arising in the agenda later.

  2. Update of accounts:

  • The Committee approved the accounts as presented for the period May 2017.

  • It was noted that the 2017 Insurance Premium remained the same as 2016 Premium.


  3. Energy Analysis.

  • An energy report covering the period January 2011 to May 2017 detailing utilities usage, Costs & Savings made for both Oil & Electricity was provided.

  • Energy Audit quote was received, but found to be too expensive. 

  • It was decided that we should establish best practice around the heating system.

  4. KDYS Building.

  • We are awaiting a written report on the KDYS Roof.

 5. Items for Publication.

  • The items for publication on the website of recent meetings was agreed.


  6. Fr. Tadhg provided an update from the Building Sub Committee

  • Our engineer was given the go ahead to carry out the drone survey for both the internal & external of the Church.