Please pray for our young people who are doing exams at this time.

Lord, pour out your Spirit of Wisdom on me. Help me to remain clam, to attend carefully to the questions asked, to think clearly, to remember accurately and to express myself well.
Grant that I may reflect on the best of the work that I have done and the best of the teaching that I have received.
Accept my best efforts in these exams and the great test of life on earth. May your love be upon me O Lord, as I place all my trust in you. Amen.

In the changes to tax relief on donations to charities effective from 01/01/2013, St. John’s Parish can successfully benefit from a tax rebate on contributions of €250 or more per annum. For instance, for the year 2017, the parish received a total of €38,457 from the scheme. The Parish Finance Committee wish to thank all parishioners who continuously and so generously contribute to the parish. Thanks also to all those who participate in the tax rebate scheme and have kindly returned the tax rebate scheme certificate for 2018. A gentle reminder to anyone who may have over-looked doing so. If you are not already participating in the scheme and think you might be eligible, please contact Catherine Dwyer at the Parish Centre for further details.

Our thanks Brian Caball and to all involved in the dramatisation of the Passion at our Good Friday Ceremonies. You really brought it alive for us

wishes to thank everyone who came to his Farewell Evening, contributed to the presentation, or sent good wishes and encouragement in his new role as Army Chaplain. He will be remembering your intentions at Mass.

The final figure for the Bazaar which took place in December was €37,704. We would like to thank most sincerely our sponsors, all those who donated money and gifts, and all those who helped in any way towards the successful running of the Bazaar.